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  • Accepting New Students at St. John Paul II Catholic School

    Give Your Child A Strong, Faith-Based Education!

    Why join Saint John Paul II Catholic School?

    • A community atmosphere and small class sizes allow our students to achieve their potential.
    • Strong demand for VPK allowed Saint John Paul II to open an additional section. VPK is free through the early learning coalition!
    • Enroll now to beat the rush when Saint John Paul II announces its IB middle years program candidacy later this year!
    • Our kindergarten class prepares our students for the strong curriculum provided by our primary school too.
    • Music, art technology and sports, too, makes NOW a great time to start at Saint John Paul II Catholic School where we welcome all children to our school.

    St. John Paul II Catholic School
    352-746-2020 •  www.SJP2.US

    Call or go online TODAY to register!
    Space is LIMITED!
  • Tools for Schools

    The Knights of Columbus will be hosting their annual  "Tools for Schools" drive.  St. Scholastica Faith Formation, Daystar, as well as St. John Paul II School is in need of school supplies for the children.  Most stores have the necessary supplies posted.  Please consider picking up one or two items next time you are shopping. 

    A collection box will be available starting the weekend of August 1st in the Narthex for your convenience and kindly donations.  Thank you for your ongoing generosity.

  • Are You Prepared for a Hurricane?

    Date:  Wednesday, August 26th
    Time:  7:00 pm
    Place: St. Scholastica Parish Center
    Speaker:  Captain Joe Eckstein

    The March 1993 "Storm of the Century" struck Citrus county late on Friday, March 12, 1993 and continued slamming Florida and states to the north the following Saturday.  Why was it called the Storm of the Century?  To Citrus county residents, it was a "no-name" March hurrican creating wind gust over 90 mph, tornadoes, and a devastatingly deadly storm surge that flooded Crystal River and Homosassa.  Are you prepared?  We have been long overdue for any type of damaging storm and the Knights are offering a training session featuring Captain Joe Eckstein, Director of the Emergency Operations Center for the Citrus County Sheriff's Office. 

    Additionally, if you are out of the area when a bad storm hits, you may need a reenty tag to get back to your neighborhood.  They will be available for you to take home. Captain Eckstein will answer any of your questions and refreshments will be available.

    Please click on this link for more information on hurricanes.  Emergency Management for Citrus County.